Please click here for the Spring 2018 edition of AISMA Doctor Newsline, the newsletter for GPs and practice managers published by our membership organisation, the Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants.

Practice management expert Fiona Dalziel leads this issue with advice for practices aiming to keep ahead of the game now the financial year is at an end and the flu season is behind us.

In his article, AISMA board director Andrew Pow describes some of the work the association is doing behind the scenes to ease the burden on GPs. Lobbying the government on the pension annual allowance, keeping abreast of contract upheavals and advising on new NHS models of care are just some of the areas where AISMA is making a real difference to busy GPs and their practice managers.

Talking around the pros and cons of super practices – and the risks they might pose – is the theme of AISMA Chairman Bob Senior’s opinion column.

Tax expert Jonthan Main reports on the VAT issues for GP federations that practices need to be aware of; and solicitor Gillian Burns explores some of the issues around the recruitment and employment of salaried GPs, with a focus on those from outside the EEA.

I hope you find this edition of AISMA Doctor Newsline a helpful and practical source of information. If you would like to discuss any of the issues highlighted in the newsletter we would be pleased to talk to you.