Tougher penalties for tax avoiders

In the 2016 Budget, the then Chancellor, George Osborne, signalled an intention to introduce harsher penalties for those who take part in tax avoidance schemes. As part of this the Government confirmed that clarification would be given on the definition read more >


Whatever the level of your tax liability, there are simple ways you can minimise the pain. Here are 10 suggestions from Paul Burton for making your next bill slightly more manageable. Check your tax code each year. Your tax code is read more >

Have you DONE enough to get a full state pension? 

Jen Lawton does the sums. We all joke that by the time we reach retirement age, the state pension won’t be worth having. But let’s not give up on it just yet.  I’m still looking forward to getting my own read more >


Please click here for the Spring 2017 edition of AISMA Doctor Newsline, the newsletter for GPs and practice managers published by our membership organisation, the Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants. An analysis of the recent ‘backtrack’ Budget leads this read more >

Prepare to go public: the gender pay gap under scrutiny

From April 2017, the Government is expecting companies to be open about the pay gap that exists between male and female workers says Chris Harland. The move is a response to a large body of evidence, collected over many years, read more >

When is a van not a benefit?

Many employers provide company vans to their employees for work purposes, but whether a van benefit in kind charge arises depends on the private use element says Jen Lawton.

Connecting the farmhouse: the challenges of technology in rural areas

When you live in a rural community, it’s not always possible to access the services city-dwellers take for granted, writes Emma Woods.

Spring Budget 2017

(Following the publication of our Budget Summary, please note the following change: One of the significant announcements Chancellor Philip Hammond made on Budget Day was the proposed increases to the main rate of Class 4 National Insurance Contributions (NICs) paid read more >

How a network can work for you

Chris Harland explains the benefits of choosing an accountancy partner that is well connected. If you’re a business owner, selecting the right accountancy firm can often be a daunting prospect. Is there any real way of distinguishing one from another? What read more >


Congratulations to Paul Leigh, Liz Artis, Rebecca Kay and Kelly Sampson on their recent exam passes. Paul has passed his final paper for his AAT level 4 (Diploma) qualification. Once he has successfully completed his project he will be able read more >