At Barlow Andrews our audit and assurance service helps ensure that you meet any statutory requirements that may exist to have your organisation’s annual accounts audited or examined, and with as little hassle and disruption as possible to you and your employees. We also aim, as part of the review, to add value, for example by reporting to you potential weaknesses in your financial controls and systems if we come across them and making recommendations to improve them.


People often think of an audit as just a legal requirement or necessary evil, but actually it can turn out to be a valuable tool. Beyond the need to meet statutory obligations or provide assurance to a third party, it can provide you – as a business owner – with a health check on the state of your company.

At Barlow Andrews, we provide a cost-effective service, but still ensure that a partner leads the audit team. Our staff are highly experienced and qualified. What’s more, they receive formal training from external experts, which helps them to conduct a robust business review and report on the effectiveness of your accounting systems and controls.

With minimal disruption to your day-to-day business, we undertake a full review of your accounts and ensure you are prepared for the changes to UK accounting legislation. Our association with the Accelerate network of accountancy firms means that our own work is continually reviewed by independent practitioners, who ensure our methodologies meet the latest standards.

Assurance and examinations

We are happy to provide support to clients in specialist sectors, such as charities, who may require an independent examination of their accounts. We can offer targeted reviews of identified risks such as producing Client Asset reports for the FCA, and also ensure compliance with rules of the Solicitors Regulation Authority.  If you are applying for a grant application from the government, we can provide an audit to support your bid.

Even when it’s not compulsory to conduct an audit, your clients or lenders may still want reassurance about your financial reports. Our affordable and professional service gives you real credibility.