Health is a growing business sector which covers a wide variety of sessions and services, each with their own complexities. More and more professional governing bodies are recommending that financial and tax advice is taken from firms that specialise in advising the health sector.

We have a specialist healthcare team that looks after the growing number of GP practices for whom we act and which provides expert advice on a number of areas in the sector.

Our clients include GMS, PMS and APMS, single-handed and large partnerships, federations and other limited companies providing a variety of NHS and non-NHS services.

We provide a range of specialist advice on a number of matters including:

  • Benchmarking practice performance to help maximise income and improve profitability.
  • Projections of partnership drawings and current account positions.
  • Tax planning, including reviews and advice in respect to alternative business structures.
  • Capital gains tax planning for practice property.
  • Retirement planning.
  • Advice on the NHS Pension Scheme.
  • Practice mergers and collaborative working.


We are proud to be members of the Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants (AISMA) which is a network of accountants throughout the UK who are all specialists in working for medical practitioners. AISMA accountants act for over 9,000 doctors and more than 2,400 medical practices – by pooling of statistical data from existing AISMA client practices and an ongoing sharing of expertise and knowledge, AISMA accountants have built up a clear picture of just what makes a profitable, well run practice and are keen to share such insight with medical practices and practice managers. AISMA accountants have the in-depth strength provided by a national network, together with a local presence to ensure customer service.

We also provide services to other members of the medical profession, including consultants, registrars or other employees of the medical professions. We can prepare your annual tax returns and advise on claims and planning opportunities.

Our healthcare team also acts for a number of dentists, physiotherapists, opticians, vet, pharmacists and residential care and nursing homes. We provide a full range of services to each of these sectors.