I am pleased to introduce you to the Autumn 2018 edition of AISMA Doctor Newsline, the newsletter for GPs and practice managers published by our membership organisation, the Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants. Please click here to access your digital copy.

GP partners are on the move, with many heading for retirement over the next few years. This issue opens with tips from accountant Nick Holmes on the financial and non-financial factors that need to be considered when the partnership changes.

Moving onto tax, AISMA committee member Sue Beaton has a warning for GPs to help them prepare for their January tax bill.

AISMA’s regular practice management contributor Fiona Dalziel takes a look at how to motivate practice staff – with money not necessarily the most important factor – and solicitor Alison Oliver explores the primary care network, the next big thing in the drive for new models of care.

Finally, there are some Q&As tackling pension problems for GPs from AISMA’s very own agony accountant.

I hope you find this edition of AISMA Doctor Newsline a helpful and practical source of information. If you would like to discuss any of the issues highlighted in the newsletter we would be pleased to talk to you.

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