Annual accounts

This service, overseen by a partner in conjunction with experienced staff, is always done on a timely basis to avoid late-filing penalties and to comply with regulatory requirements.

Making use of the latest software, we adopt a ‘right-first-time’ approach and ensure that you are prepared for latest the changes in accounting standards. The accounts can then be used to assist you with tax and business planning.  READ MORE >



People often think of an audit as just a legal requirement or necessary evil, but actually it can turn out to be a valuable tool. Beyond the need to meet statutory obligations or provide assurance to a third party, it can provide you – as a business owner – with a health check on the state of your company.

At Barlow Andrews, we provide a cost-effective service, but still ensure that a partner leads the audit team. Our staff are highly experienced and qualified. What’s more, they receive formal training from external experts, which helps them to conduct a robust business review and report on the effectiveness of your accounting systems and controls. READ MORE>


Understanding Taxation

By taking the time to build a relationship with you and understand the nature of your business, we are able to help you achieve maximum tax efficiency – retaining and realising wealth.

Our experts will look at your long-term plans and objectives and ensure that you’re mitigating liabilities. Naturally, we also take away the worry and hassle associated with tax returns. READ MORE>


Business support services for small or medium-sized business

Running a small or medium-sized business, you may be looking for ways to fill gaps in skills or to reduce your administrative burden and save costs. Our team at Beech Business support services can step in to help.

Our dedicated teams help to fill any skills gap, allowing you to get on with the important job of running your own business. Whether it’s the management of holiday or sickness cover, the replacement of staff, IT upgrades or compliance with changing legislation, you have peace of mind. READ MORE>



Modern life calls for a new way of accounting. Cloud accounting can help you run your business more effectively and efficiently by giving you the flexibility to work from anywhere.    

Online accounting packages are updated automatically so you will always have the latest version of the software. Bank accounts can be linked directly avoiding these having to be manually input, saving time and errors. READ MORE>


Strategic Planning and Support

We see it as an important part of our role to understand your business and your financial goals. As our partners take time to build a relationship with you, they will come to understand your expansion ambitions (whether organic or requiring funding) and your long-term thoughts about sale or succession.

They can then help you create the financial and operational business plans to help you realise your objectives, through fully-integrated profit and cashflow planning. READ MORE>



Health is a growing business sector which covers a wide variety of sessions and services, each with their own complexities. More and more professional governing bodies are recommending that financial and tax advice is taken from firms that specialise in advising the health sector.

We have a specialist healthcare team that looks after the growing number of GP practices for whom we act and which provides expert advice on a number of areas in the sector. READ MORE>


Charities and not-for-profit organisations

We act for a large number of clients in the voluntary sector and advise their managers on all the financial aspects of running effective charities, CISs, CIOs and other not-for-profit organisations. Specific services include:



Collective Investment Schemes

At Barlow Andrews, we audit a large portfolio of unit trusts and Open-ended Investment Companies (OEICs).

We provide a cost-effective service, but still ensure that a partner leads the audit team.  Our specialised team is highly experienced and qualified.

We use a bespoke audit package, developed over many years, but always designed to incorporate the latest developments in accounting and auditing standards and any other regulatory changes. READ MORE>

Litigation Support

Litigation will frequently involve complex financial matters and, whether you’re a plaintiff or defendant, you need to make sure you have expert advice from the outset. We have the knowledge and insight to provide first-class support to both clients and solicitors.

When requested, we can provide reports in full compliance with Part 35 of the Civil Procedures Roles. This service is headed by Philip Riding, who has over 20 years’ relevant experience including court appearances and single joint expert appointment. He is a Full Member of the Academy of Experts and is also able to call upon the input of the whole of the HCWA membership and particular fellow specialists in litigation support. READ MORE>